Saigon Real Estate Services (SPM) Joint Stock Company operates mainly in the field of high-class intelligent parking management in high-rise buildings, commercial centers and apartments. Includes services:

  • Operational management
  • Construction Design
  • Consult solution package
  • Supply software

In addition, SPM also provides customers with other services:

  • Professional security
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Technical maintenance
  • Executive management

Why SPM was born?

In recent years, the strong development of apartment, apartment and hotel projects in Vietnam has created fertile land for real estate management units at home and abroad. In the trend of joining more and more multinational real estate management companies, Saigon Real Estate Services (SPM) came to be the leading company in Vietnam. The company offers a wide range of specialized and specialized property management solutions, especially for the professional management and operation of parking lots.


SPM company with the main service is management, operation of high level

On the basis of focusing and improving the professionalism of the car service, the founding shareholders of SPM Company and its subsidiary, Hai Tam Sau Company, jointly built and developed the intensive translation services. Organization, management and operation of professional vehicles. Owning a team of founding shareholders, management team with more than 15 years experience in real estate management services.

Together with Hai Tam Sau Company, SPM has had some success in consulting, organizing, managing and operating the parking lot at projects in Ho Chi Minh City such as Bank Building District 3, Platinum Plaza Shopping Center – District 6, Melisa Center Wedding Center – Tan Phu District, District 2 Hospital, District 5 Tropical Hospital, District 3 Dermatology Hospital Financial Marketing – District 7 – District 9 – Phu Nhuan District, HUTECH – Binh Thanh District …

Parking restaurant wedding party Melisa is managed by SPM

Always imbued with the criteria “First smile – Long impression” to deserve the face of customers, SPM Company committed to bring service according to the core values ​​of the company “Safety – Professional – Friendly “worthy of the responsibility that customers have confidence.

SPM Company also committed to constantly improve the quality of services, improve capacity, improve human resources, as well as always update new technology to continue to affirm the reputation and brand of SPM.

Finally, the Board of Directors of Saigon Real Estate Services Company – SPM sincerely thank the trust of customers and we look forward to continue to receive the support of customers.

Best regards,

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