Car Service

Supply software

SPM is not only a provider of solutions, design, management and operation, but also the creation of advanced intelligent parking management software. “SPM Smart Car Management” is an intelligent product created by SPM Group for the purpose of providing the best service to customers in the trade center, building, apartment building. granted. Intelligent Parking Management …

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Operational management

Intelligent parking systems in buildings, buildings, high-end apartments are becoming an urgent need as the economy grows in number of motorcycles and automobiles. Common parking spaces are very inconvenient, such as easy access to stolen car accessories if the car park is not equipped with a security camera and it is difficult to park the …

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Construction Design

Intelligent, professional and high-tech car parking is now an urgent issue in big cities, Ho Chi Minh City is a typical example. Because the number of means of transport such as motorcycles and cars increases in large numbers. The current infrastructure is not sufficient. The use of smart parking keeps the management unit in control …

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