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Intelligent, professional and high-tech car parking is now an urgent issue in big cities, Ho Chi Minh City is a typical example. Because the number of means of transport such as motorcycles and cars increases in large numbers. The current infrastructure is not sufficient. The use of smart parking keeps the management unit in control of the vehicle traffic accurately, quickly, and reduce labor. And importantly safety is almost absolute.

To solve the difficulties in designing, building high-class smart car parking in the building, high-rise apartment building, commercial center, please refer to solutions at SPM Group nhé!

Model 1 luxury car park in the building

Traditional car parking or car park using card scanning system is only suitable for small car yards. Applying this model with parking lots in high buildings, commercial centers and apartment buildings will face many difficulties:

  • Congestion at peak hours
  • There is no control over the amount of vehicles in the yard every day
  • No guarantee for the safety of the property of the customer

Intelligent, professionally designed intelligent car park will bring professionalism and absolute safety. Intelligent parking spaces are designed primarily for cars and motorbikes.

The main functions of intelligent parking management solution

– Access to the parking lot
– Simultaneous control of multiple lanes
– Manage vehicle identification through magnetic card
– Vehicle parking system monitoring, automatic number plate recognition
– Archive vehicle information to retrieve information when trouble
– Monthly, VIP or guest car
– Warning time limit for monthly subscription, Vip subscription, …
– Barrier automatically opens and closes
– Managing the turnover of the parking lot by day, month, year, by type of means, by type of ticket, …
– Functional assignment for employees according to functional functions
– Show freight
– Keep a history of your edits to prevent fraud
– The ability to customize the operation of each automatic parking system varies.
– The equipment is indispensable in a high level smart car park

The computer installs the most advanced parking management software
– Magnetic cards and card readers
– 2 cameras: 1 camera license plate, 1 driver capture
– Barrier + Loop Detector

The equipment for 1 lane in modern smart parking lot

Car parking is usually divided into two access lanes and two access lanes for cars and motorcycles (at each door). Depending on the size, the area of ​​the yard that we will calculate and the number of doors /

SPM has a team of energetic and dynamic young engineers who have designed and implemented a smart parking management system in buildings, commercial buildings and buildings that received positive feedback. customer.

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