• Address: 538 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Ward 11, District 3
  • Car parking area consists of two basements of 500 m2 each
  • Scale: 6000 m2 for rent
  • Motorcycle traffic: 1500 vehicles / day
  • Car traffic: 150 vehicles / day
    Characteristics of parking: total area of car parking is 1.000m2 including 2 basements. Because this is a large building, there are many floors and operate in the form of office for rent. So, the number of vehicles entering the yard daily, including employees of companies and guests contacted. If you do not use the smart car system, it would be difficult to manage the car with thousands of vehicles per day. The Management Board of the Military Bank Building has cooperated with the 286 Company to transport this vehicle under the most modern protection system. All vehicles in park are always secure at the highest level ever.

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