From the fire of apartment Carina horror took place on March 23 has made many people living and working in the apartment buildings feel anxious. In the name of the car parking lot caused many people lost food, sleep.

Cut and then beat in the car

Many of the vehicles of the car in the cellar hold the apartment many times suddenly suddenly broken lamp or scratched or the goods in the car or in the trunk suddenly without wings that fly. And no one would notice if they did not turn themselves in such a case. However, these cases occur continuously and not many times causing the owners to spend less money to repair the car and then buy things for themselves.

Pairing, stealing of furniture continues to occur with the car park

Especially my car is like that but not how to know. So, you have to pity to go to the car repair and then bear the battle. A series of problems with the parking lot of the apartment that can not be solved. But can not send, is forced to send because of what else else.

Inundated water in the cellar to send the apartment

Accidental accidents with automobile owners often circulating in Ho Chi Minh City and many big cities is unavoidable. In other words, in the past, it was only on some “submerged roads”, it could be in the tunnel today. Although it was calculated at the time of construction, the drainage system of many apartment buildings was still flooded.

Fire, fire … pain so far still haunted

In addition to these risks, “your beloved” sometimes suffered from “falling in the sky”. As in the Carina apartment fire, the cause of the fire came from an Atila motorcycle in the pit. Therefore, even if you are careful and strictly adhere to the rules of safety are still not able to anticipate the risks that may occur.

Fire, fire is always the fear of so many people

In particular, with the rapid deterioration of infrastructure in many apartment buildings and the sense of firepower, most of the people are indifferent, such fires can happen in the place where you live.

And with such a great deal of anxiety, how can people who live in the apartment have the means to send in the vaults are so anxious to do so. And there will be measures to help keep the car park is no longer a fear of more people.

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