Technical maintenance

With the desire to provide the best services to residents, ensure security, utility for residents and limit the frequent visitors to the building, apart from the task of managing the operation of the building SPM is your most dedicated serviceman. Accordingly, SPM will provide residential maintenance / repair services for apartments and public areas (when needed) to the Building.

In addition to the Engineering Room / Building Operations Department, we have a separate Repair Service team, however, we are still interested in living with the low income of our technical team. You create the conditions for them to increase their income by using multi-purpose training to join the repair service team after working hours in the operating shift, with the following structure:

M&E repair team: Provides maintenance / repair services for Mechanical and Electrical systems of Buildings.

Construction team: specialized in interior repair service, wall paint, pavement brick, …

Apartment repair team: Specialize in providing maintenance / repair services such as electricity, water supply, drainage, air conditioning, ventilation, …

With meticulous care, careful attention to detail, SPM hopes that your apartment will be the best place to return and feel comfortable after hours of straightforward work.

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