On November 14, a car fire broke out in Hoc Mon district, killing hundreds of cars, causing massive property losses.

The fire broke out at Nguyen Ngoc parking lot. According to fire protection officers in Hoc Mon district, many fire engines and a truck head burned completely. Much of the area of ​​the car park and many other properties are also covered by fire.

For timely fire fighting, the incident causes no damage to people. The authorities have frozen the site to serve the investigation, clarifying the cause of the fire.

On the same day, this parking lot unexpectedly caught fire with many explosions. Residents and employees kept the car in the yard using mini fire extinguishers but failed.

Receiving fire warning, FP Fire Police and Rescue and Rescue Department of Hoc Mon District and District 12 (HCMC) quickly cooperated to control the fire.

Source: nguoilaodong

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